Previously trained Krav Maga or highly experienced in other martial arts? If so, these classes could be for you. Our advanced program integrates defence tactics into a martial arts approach which allows you to continue to progress in other martial arts without confusion. Krav Maga is designed for reality, it is not a sport.

There are no safety mats, time restraints or referees on the street. Our advanced program focuses on incorporating real-life self-defence skills with weapons defence, open hand tactics, stand-up striking, grappling, ground defence and much more.

These classes were developed by Australia’s most senior Krav Maga instructor, Master Gav, who has extensive experience training military, special forces and police around the world, a 7th Dan black belt in Krav Maga plus black belts in five other martial arts, as well as a PhD in Security risk management. Push yourself, learn from the best and prepare yourself for any situation.

  • High-intensity classes
  • Suited to those with previous martial arts experience
  • Developed by Australia’s most senior Krav Maga instructor
  • Advanced self-defence skills
  • Open hand tactics
  • Weapons defence and retention
  • Striking, grappling and groundwork
  • Defence against multiple attackers


With a fully equipped, purpose-built facility, Australia’s most senior Krav Maga instructor and classes to suit everyone from beginner to advanced, there’s no excuse not to start classes at Brisbane Krav Maga today.

Brisbane Krav Maga