Trained Krav Maga or other martial arts?

At Brisbane Krav Maga we teach a style of Krav Maga called Street MMA or Survival Jujitsu. This is known among practitioners as ‘Krav Maga on steroids’ and is based on a self-defence system like Krav Maga but also combines other martial arts such as Ninjitsu and Jujitsu, providing an extra level of practicality.

For those with previous Krav Maga experience, we offer advanced intensity classes that will push even the most practised martial artists to their limits. From our advanced intensity Krav Maga system that incorporates an extensive number of complex skills including weapon defence, striking, takedowns and grappling, to ultra-high intensity classes specifically developed for the military, police and security, we have options for even the most skilled and knowledgeable martial artist.


If you already have extensive experience in Krav Maga or other martial arts, then you should look at our range of advanced intensity classes. These classes range from a carefully planned advanced program that incorporates many complex skills in high-intensity training sessions, to Krav Maga classes for the Military, police, security and other services such as paramedics.


Our Krav Maga style is called Gendai Ryu and literally translates as ‘modern system’. Gendai Ryu dates from the 1980s and has been continuously developed and refined. It is one of the few defensive tactics systems that’s based on PhD level scientific research and combines traditional martial arts such as Jujitsu and Ninjitsu with street style self-defence Krav Maga.

Brisbane Krav Maga