Krav Maga can be translated from Hebrew as ‘Contact combat’ and is well known for being one of the leading self-defence systems in the world. Krav Maga was initially developed for the Israeli Defence Forces and combines techniques from a variety of martial arts including Judo, boxing, Karate and Aikido. Krav Maga, like most martial arts, does not encourage physical confrontation. Instead, it helps students learn to defend themselves against a variety of possible attacks and how to counter them in the quickest and most effective way. Krav Maga may sound intense but it is, in fact, suitable for anyone, regardless of their size, strength or level of fitness.

For real-life self-defence skills that really work,
train Brisbane Krav Maga.

Brisbane Krav Maga

Fitness + Confidence

Improve your fitness with every class. Krav Maga utilises techniques that promote cardio, strength, flexibility and agility. Learn real-life self-defence skills whilst improving your fitness. Learn Krav Maga.

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased strength, agility and flexibility
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased awareness
Brisbane Krav Maga

Excellent self-defence

Sometimes known as ‘the art of staying alive’ training Krav Maga will arm you with the tools to be prepared for any situation. Krav Maga is as effective as it gets when it comes to self-defence.

  • Combines all martial arts
  • Practice in real-life scenarios
  • Train in stand up, grappling, groundwork and takedowns
  • Learn both physiological and psychosocial aspects of combat
Brisbane Krav Maga

Developed for reality

Krav Maga was developed to be effective in the real world and that is no different for our students. Learn techniques that really work through training in ‘real life’ scenarios. Prepare yourself for any situation by training Krav Maga.

  • Most effective self-defence system
  • Train in real life scenarios
  • There are no mats or referees on the streets
  • Effective, real-life skills that work

Imi Sde-Or

Krav Maga’s founder Imre Lichtenfeld (also known as Imi Sde-Or) was born in Budapest in 1910 in and grew up in Bratislava in Slovakia.
Lichtenfeld was active in a wide range of sports as a child including boxing, gymnastics and wrestling. In his twenties, Lichtenfeld focused mainly on wrestling, both as a trainer and as a contestant.


A need for defence

In the mid-1930s, anti-Semitic riots began to erupt in Lichtenfeld's home of Bratislava. Lichtenfeld led a group of Jewish wrestlers and boxers who took to the streets to defend their own Jewish neighbourhoods. It was at this time he realised that although they were good sports, boxing and wrestling were not enough to effectively defend oneself on the street. And so, Lichtenfeld began to develop ideas that would become Krav Maga.



Lichtenfeld joined the Haganah (now known as the Israeli Defence Force) and began to train fighters in defence against weapons, knife skills, wrestling and all-around physical fitness.



The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) was founded. Lichtenfeld became the chief instructor for physical fitness and Krav Maga at the IDF School of Combat Fitness. Lichtenfeld served here for over 20 years during which he further developed and refined Krav Maga.


The Ground

Judo training was incorporated in Krav Maga training



Lichtenfeld and his principal student, Eli Avikzar, further improved Krav Maga by incorporating counter defences and Aikido.



Avikzar took over the Krav Maga training centre due to Lichtenfeld's retirement and the role of Krav Maga in the military continued to advance.


Krav Maga

The Krav Maga Association was established.


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Brisbane Krav Maga