Martial arts Kelvin Grove

Martial arts Kelvin Grove

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Whether you would like to begin martial arts or just Krav Maga, Martial Arts Kelvin Grove has options to suit everyone. Our beginner’s program is great for those with no previous Krav Maga or martial arts experience and will teach you effective self-defence skills that will help with personal protection.


Krav Maga is well-known as one of the most effective martial arts for self-defence during real-life situations. When there’s no referee, safety mats, or time restrictions, Martial Arts Kelvin Grove classes allow you to protect yourself on the streets.

PROGRAM for beginners

This beginners program has been developed to aid our students at an introductory intensity. Martial Arts Kelvin Grove will help you learn and progress effectively. Students will start by learning the fundamentals in an inclusive and supportive environment. Everyone will be able to participate in Martial Arts Kelvin Grove.

Women's Only Krav Maga


Martial Arts Kelvin Grove weekly women’s only classes will help you learn valuable self-defence skills. We understand some women feel more comfortable training Krav Maga with other women rather than as part of a mixed group. Bring a friend, gain more self-esteem, have fun and develop real-life self-defence skills.

Martial arts Kelvin Grove

Transform yourself at Martial arts Kelvin Grove

Martial Arts Kelvin Grove gives you more than just new-found skills in one of the world’s leading martial arts. It can have a positive impact on many areas of your life including your physical and mental health as well as social well-being.

Brisbane Krav Maga

Great self-defence

Known as ‘the art of staying alive’, Krav Maga training at Martial Arts Kelvin Grove will arm you with the tools to be prepared for any situation. Martial Arts Kelvin Grove is an effective self-defence program.

  • A blend of many martial arts
  • Practice 'real-life' scenarios
  • Train in stand up, grappling, groundwork and takedowns
  • Master both physiological and psychosocial aspects of combat
Brisbane Krav Maga

Real life scenarios

Martial Arts Kelvin Grove was developed to be as effective in the real world as in our class situations. We prepare you for every common situation which may arise on the street. You will learn techniques that really work through effective ‘real-life' scenario training.

  • Effective self-defence program
  • Train in real-life scenarios
  • Learn from Brisbane most senior Krav Maga Master
  • Actual skills that work
Brisbane Krav Maga

Fitness & Mental health

Greatly increase your fitness with every single class at Martial Arts Kelvin Grove. Utilise techniques that promote cardio, strength, flexibility and agility. Learn real-life self-defence skills whilst improving your physical health.

  • Increase cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve strength, agility and flexibility
  • Greater confidence
  • Expand awareness

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Build confidence, stamina and fitness with a new martial arts journey

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